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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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at this point, it boils down to
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two stays, bart has already sent a warning to get ready for more delays. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is in concord. house of representativ how's it looking for tomorrow morning? >> i have the answer but riders may not like it. bart is not sure in the north concord service will be ready tomorrow. still are things confusing at the north concord station. i didn't know nothing about that. i seen the gates close and they said they shut done. >> an electrical power surge, possibly coming from the track, damaging several bart cars,
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causing two stations to shut down. >> something damaged a part of the propulsion equipment. >> 25 cars traveling from north concord to pittsburgh bay were damaged from the power surge. a similar incident damaged trains two weeks ago. >> 80 cars, two weeks ago, some of those have been repaired. what the riders have been experiencing, it's about 16 trains are one car short. >>. >> reporter: which means trains are crowded. >> our taxes are pretty high. a good part of that should go to maintenance. we shouldn't have a problem. >> reporter: something will be in place tomorrow morning.
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>> we're seeing tonight what we can do in a stable way. >> reporter: in the morning bart riders should get online to check out the situation. as of now it looks like this bus bridge will be here to accommodate the morning commuters. so just a reminder, these trains will be shorters and they're going to be a lot more crowded. so you should leave earlier to get to work on time. reporting live in concord, i'm share hurd. >> thank you for that warning specifically. mike inouye will be here to get you the traffic at 4:30 a.m. >> tonight friend and family came together to remember a young woman who has been gone for so long. ian cole was invited to the
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gathering tonight. sierra's absence has been so painful for her family and friends. >> reporter: it has indeed. about 25 people joined the family here at the el patio restaurant here in fremont. they say it was one of sierra's favorite places to eat, the right place to honor her four years after she disappeared. the emotional wounds of a missing child still hurt every tay for the family of sierra lamar. >> it's not something that you forget when something like this happens. >> family and search volunteers spending a few hours together, rekindling that light in their lives. >> it gives me a sense of peace knowing that they're still thinking about her. >> reporter: sierra was 15, on her way to school in morgan hill when she disappeared. since then hundreds of
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volunteers, more than a thousand searches later, her body has still not been found. this saturday they'll check out one more spot in morgan hill off eastman canyon road. >> to bring sierra home to her family. and if that brings some measure of closure, then that's fantastic. if it helps bring justice for sierra, then so much the better. >> reporter: sierra would be in college now. her childhood friends lean on each other for support. steve lamar says this now annual different is therapeutic in a way, though his heart continues to break. >> always having home. i'm still hoping she's alive somewhere. >> reporter: those search teams will meet at about 8:30 in the morning on saturday in morgan hill to check out that one spot that they have not searched before. they hope this time to find some answers.
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reporting live in fremont, ian cole, nbc bay area news. ? so tough for that family. sierra's family has been desperate to find her or her rear mains. although her body has never been found, her suspected killer remains in jail. >> renters and landlords are sounding off about san jose's rent control ordinance. it's been in effect since 1979. since then, the policy has had no major revisions. renters and landlords are not on the same page when it comes to proposed changes. but they both agree that something needs to be done to make housing more affordable for everyone.
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>> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure they're working the best and the most efficiently to help the people in our community. >> people are being evicted from their homes and they have no legal right to evict them. those people that are disabled, the people that are low income are all being pushed out right now. >> reporter: no decision was made at tonight's immediatin me. >> pg & e say a major power outage was to blame for evening classes to be cancelled at the community college. those classes will resume tomorrow. >> that advice about removing valuables from your parked car, take it. if not, you might be the next victim. san francisco police say car break-ins are up nor than 30%.
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today we received this surveillance video. jean elle is in the sunset district. how are they fighting back there? >> raj, people who live here are fighting back with information, posting signs, warning people about daytime car break-in. the signs warn visitors to be careful and let thieves know they're being watched. san francisco police are looking for the thieves that broke into this car on fulton street in san francisco. it's an all-too common occurs. sfpd shows new statistics on car break-ins went up 20% since 2014. >> all of a sudden i was walking through glass. it doesn't surprise him. thieves are targeting visitors.
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>> tourists adore this and the creeps that see them as easy marks take advantage of that and we don't like that. >> i thi it's a good warning for ni visitor coming to the city. it's something police should be made aware of. >> police are on the lookout, sending undercover units to restaurants last week think arrested christian jason bell, linking him to eight car burglars. the district attorney's office said it filed 11 felony and 7 misdemeanor charges. a judge released bell with no bail and a march 23rd court date. while authorities work on getting them off the street, neighbors are organizing a neighborhood watch. >> i want a dream city to live in.
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while we have a lot of problems here, one problem we don't have is involvement. >> neighbors have promptly remar replaced the removed signs. >> she says she raised concerns about the little girl's safety but no one listened until it was too late. the change that this foster mother is demanding after the girl's death. >> plus sending the wrong message? the motivational speaker that has parents all fired up after his visit to an east bay school. >> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the only side effect for the increased weather tomorrow will be increased levels of pollen. we are tracking weekend showers. we'll let u know when this could arrive in about eight minutes.
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about the girl's safety were ignored. >> foster mom shelly nicole said she went to the top of the department of children and family services to raise red flags about this toddler's safety. now the little girl's death is under investigation. >> she just always was hugging and kissing and smiling -- >> shelly nicole describing her foster daughter. the girl nicknamed kiki came to live with her last june. she had a medical condition and needed special care. as a foster parent, nicole takes care of special children until reunited with their family or
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are adopted she said this time the system failed her when they placed her back with her father. >> we were gravely concerned that you would take a nonverbal little girl to a men's halfway house. i was told that i don't have the right to say that, that i have to trust the social maker and her decision-maker. >> two months after she was moved to the men's halfway home, police received a call at 1:00 in the morning that the girl was not breathing. >> they found her at the halfway house in her crib that she passed away. >> reporter: nicole said she notified the director of children and family services via e-mails and phone calls to warn her kelly should not are been removed from her care. is there i called and took it up as high as i could go when all of this was happening and no
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response. >> reporter: now we've learned director medina has been offered a similar position in monterey county. she said she applied for the jobs months ago and looks forward to serving the community where she lived. the statement said we grieve the loss of a child at such a young age. this is not the first time a care giver has questioned the placement decisions made by social workers in santa clara county. the investigative unit first uncovered the story of a little girl badly abused by her foster family until she nearly died, despite reports from her mother and preschool teacher about the child's injuries. >> reporter: she's adamant that the county violated its own rules by removing kelly from her
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care in the first place. >> we are supposed to be given a seven-day written notice before any child is to be removed from our home. we are supposed to be given a chance to have a meeting and discuss the removal of this child. >> did any of that happen? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: nicole is so upset she has turned over her license to the county. she said she can no longer serve as a foster parent until changes are made. police are not conducting a criminal investigation. >> very sad story. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. you can also send us an e-mail. >> a former 49ers with a checkered past was supposed to inspire a community in the east bay. but tonight the response is anger tennyson high school in hayward invited ray mcdonald to speak to sutudents last month about self-discipline.
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he's been arrested many times for domestic violence and is set to stand trial for a sexual assault case. parent and the students were shocked he was invited to campus. >> to have someone with that kind of record to talk to our kids without us parents knowing. >> it's incredible. self-discipline, here doesn't even know how to handle his own life. >> the district superintendent says he didn't know about the visit and apologized to parents. >> the body of a fallen chp officer is in northern california where his family is finalizing funeral arrangements. fellow officers escorted the white hearse that transported his body. the 35-year-old spent two years at san jose chp division before moving to the sacramento area. >> and a new santa rosa park
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will be called andy unity park in memory of a 13-year-old boy shot to death by a deputy. two years ago, an officer thought he was carrying an ak-47. the boy was killed and the officer was never charged. a wrongful death lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial next month. >> mountain view police say max davidson was groping customers at books ink on castro street earlier this week. it's a well-known store. one of the victims was a 10-year-old girl. police say he is a transient. >> over 200 cats are in need of adoption fast. nine lives animal shelter has lost its lease. >> one of the big issues is that many mace does not want animals
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in their space. >> reporter: the shelter has a no-kill policy. >> parking in san francisco could start costing you after dark. the municipal transportation agency is discussing charging meters at night. this comes after the city lowered charges for those people who get their cars towed. only the meters in the city's busiest areas charge at night pap decision would likely not be made until next month. >> let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our kids remind us tomorrow we have to wear green, right? >> i thought you were going to say i was here to remind everybody to wear shorts tomorrow. >> green shorts. how about that in. >> i'm giving everybody permission, shorts to work. you can hear it from me. clear skies, 59 in the south bayh. remember, st. patrick's day tomorrow, east bayh at 50, san
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francisco 62. tomorrow morning's forecast, we will start off with mainly clear skies. it's going to be an easy commute for you. you just might need that jacket. east bay 46, san francisco 52 and for the north bay that, will be our coldest location with 43 degrees. now let's spend time on that microclimate forecast and we are going to warm up again for tomorrow. looks like the financial district 70 degrees. a huge contrast from the low 50s we had just seven days ago. the mission, 69, just a little cooler in the marina. palo alto back at the coastline, even mild in pacifica. nice beach day, just watch out for rough waves. up towards the south bay, that's right, cupertino close it 80 degrees. san jose coming in at 78. 77 in napa, mill valley, 75. over to oakland, 74 and
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throughout the tri-valley, danville coming in at 79 and livermore 76. a mighty fine day considering all the wet weather we had recently. we do have some wetter weather changes coming our way by sunday and monday. maybe you're heading up to lake tahoe. still some snow up here at squaw valley and alpine meadow. 89 runs open at squaw valley. 78 open at pine meadows. how about our rain chances? high pressure stays with us through saturday to keep it dry. then as we head throughout sunday, monday and tuesday, the possibility of showers coming our way, not a big storm system. we'll see scattered rain chances from sunday into tuesday. best chance for higher
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accumulations would be santa rosa. we have something to look forward to and fantastic weather top. i'm safe tomorrow as long as we have a map like this. >> we're talking about the warm temperatures, t-shirt and skiing at the same time. those temps are amazing. >> coming up next, the unlikely person who just filed a $10 million lawsuit against uber. is this and we have jimmy. >> jennifer garner and cuba gooding jr. are here. do not change the channel!
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new at 11:00, an uber driver accused of multiple shootings is suing uber in is the lawsuit that jason dalton wrote by hand from his jail cell in michigan. he's seeking $10 million in punitive damages and emotional distress over san francisco's
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based uber. he's accused of shooting to death six people while picking up passengers last month. a duj ordjudge ordered dalton t competency exam. >> and a tough road for merrick garland. senate republicans said a nominee would not even be considered while the president is in office saying the next president should make that selection. garland has strong connections to the bay area. a stanford professor who used to be his law clerk described her experience working with him. >> to him it doesn't matter whether a case is front page news or affect the life of one individual, he looks at those cases the same way and with the same attention. >> senator republicans have already vowed not to hold
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confirmation hearings. >> up next, did you see it? fabulous at 50. we'll show you how the warriors sparkled tonight. >> and an inn credible reunion. a navy found a dog lost at sea. the dog fell off a fishing boat and had been missing for five weeks. >> and marin ranked the healthiest county in the state for seven years in a row. that story can be found on our web site. back in two minutes.
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good evening. i'm gabriel sotello with sports. with today's win the warriors have won 50 straight home games. up next, a three-game road trip against dallas, and minnesota.
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>> i started off shooting a lot of them and i knew coming back, i'd have to give a lot of them up. it all about repetition. getting comfortable. >> good news for san francisco giant fans. johnny cueto passed all his concussion tests. >> coach chip kelly said he is willing, and i quote, to coach the heck out of him when talking about quarterback colin kaepernick and the possibility of him still being a part of the team. the team has talked to the broncos, browns and jets, but as time passes by, it's more likely that kap will stay a 49er. more news with raj and peggy after the break.
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it's a wrap for l.a.'s famous bridge. it is crumbling. it's no longer to safely support
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the l.a. gridlock of 15,000 cars every day. it will take about four years and $450 million to build a new one. this is the scene we all remember. more than 80 movies, tv shows, videos, commercials, they've all been filmed on this bridge. >> "grease" was the best. >> the new one kind of looks like the old one a little bit. >> it does. >> have a great thursday morning. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer garner, cuba gooding jr.,


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